Are you eligible for Medicare?
Have you been putting off enrolling in a Medicare plan?
Are you currently in a plan that does not meet your needs?
Are you looking for affordable final expense insurance?
Is your employer plan ending?

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"I have been working directly with Suzanne Brown for the last two years in my position as Director of Social Services for ITEX Property Management. I am very selective and cautious with who has access to my residents and properties as we have 54 properties in four states. Ms. Brown not only passed the vetting process but her references surpassed our expectations for an insurance provider. Ms. Brown is dedicated to her clients and available at all times to answer their questions as needed. She helps them select the best insurance for them personally and does not attempt to steer them towards the companies providing the highest compensation to the agents. She has the capability to place a client with any of the Medicare Programs and is not limited to one company. She looks at the client's needs, their doctor preferences and financial concerns before guiding them to the best policy for their situation. I give Ms. Brown my highest recommendation due to providing the most thorough Medicare information, accessibility to her personally and knowledge of the Medicare industry. I trust Ms. Brown's professional integrity and decision making process and have her allowed to her provide Medicare selection services to my own family members."

Loia Wilkerson

Director of Social Services


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